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Good management is essential to ensuring maximum return on forestry investments. Ribbonwood has a long history of providing expert independent services to forest owners and we can provide for all your planning and management needs as a forest grower.

Planting or re-planting a forest is a major investment decision. As any busy forest owner knows, researching and managing your own forestry investment can be complicated and time consuming – and information is always changing. Ribbonwood NZ has professional and experienced forest management skills that can help you every step of the way and we are now seeing the benefit of the advice we offered 20 years ago come into fruition for many clients. We will make sure that you get the best planning and execution with the minimal of hassle.

Our tree crop operations convert your forest investment vision and goals into the next planted rotation.

Following post-harvest clean up and land preparation, we take site specific resource information and match it with core market data to produce an optimal crop of trees. We provide quality services and practical guidance on all areas of forestry under the New Zealand emissions trading scheme. Our clients include individuals and companies covering small forest and farm owners through to larger commercial entities.

The selection of appropriate treestocks is known to be a key factor in the final value of your forest.

As greater emphasis is put on growing trees for high-value end users, it is becoming more important than ever to grow wood of suitable quality for processing. Since manufacturers require different wood property characteristics depending on the end use of their product, the ability to differentiate between tree breeds is now crucial. We also expect substantial price differentials based on internal wood characteristics in the future.

Prior to planting, Ribbonwood NZ can provide advice on the appropriate treestocks to suit forest location, silviculture regime and targeted end-products or markets. These tree stocks can be treated to improve resistance to specific diseases and increase overall health and vigour.

Create your new tree crop security blanket.

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