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NZ News - April Log Export Market Outlook
Posted by Pete Smith | 01 July 2019
The past week has seen news emerge that the Chinese export log price is about to tumble. From a peak of $158/jas AWG for A grade back in March 2019 we are now set to arrive at $108/jas AWG for July 2019 ... Read more
NZ News - April Log Export Market Outlook
Posted by Pete Smith | 11 April 2017
Export Log markets remain steady at present, but there is potential downside ahead through increased costs along with an increase in supply as Russia and the Pacific Northwest head into their summer months ... Read more
NZ News - All Roads Lead to China?
Posted by Pete Smith | 31 March 2017
Chinese Premier Li Keqiang’s NZ visit has confirmed a Free Trade Agreement upgrade between New Zealand and China which will begin at the end of April. Bill English wants to get rid of safeguards on trading thresholds for dairy ... Read more
NZ News - EXPO Mystery Creek March 2017
Posted by Pete Smith | 28 February 2017
Every four years the Truck and Heavy Equipment (T.H.E) Expo at Mystery Creek Event Centre showcases the latest the industry has to offer. The 2017 event is now only a couple of days away - 2nd to the 4th of March from 9am to 5pm each day ... Read more
NZ Forestry news - Log Sales 2017 Outlook
Posted by Pete Smith | 27 February 2017
New Zealand exported 17.18 million m3 in 2016, 1.8mill m3 more than 2015 so it was a big year. Potentially 2017 could be slightly higher again. After a relatively slow last year, NZ ended up with the highest volumes ever exported to China ... Read more
NZ Forestry news
Posted by Pete Smith | 18 February 2017
An article written by Cambridge dairy farmer Marc Gascoigne in regard to live calf exports appeared in the February 13th edition of NZ Farmer ... Winston Peters came straight out and said that it was “economic treason” ... Read more
NZ Forestry news - JAS Payments for log exports
Posted by Pete Smith | 8 February 2017
One consideration when evaluating potential harvest value is JAS conversion or where your export logs weighed in tonnes are paid for by JAS. If weighing up export in your stumpage calculation then you need to understand what it means ... Read more
NZ Forestry news Forest Growers Levy
Posted by Pete Smith | 30 January 2017
As of January 1st 2014 a Forest Growers Commodity Levy was applied to all forest harvest operations. The levy will apply to most products sourced from trees in a plantation forest ... whether exported or processed in New Zealand ... Read more

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