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In case you don’t know, we are a small company. That hasn’t stopped us achieving big things and we like to think that being a small tight knit team has helped us endure in one of the toughest industry environments there is.

Ribbonwood NZ has a strong and unique company culture which is reflected in the spirit of a small efficient team and a hardworking group of people.

We have been built on the old premise that realising a consistent return from a tough and volatile industry requires a long-term approach to the way we handle our business. This view shapes our attitude towards customer and supplier relationships, growth strategies and our own people. This is central to our success.

We have always encouraged a strong group environment that is non hierarchal and always transparent.

People getting it done when they thought they never could.

Market cycles may come and go but true quality and value remain constant. Choosing Ribbonwood NZ means you don’t have to worry, be concerned or look back in regret.
We’ve been there ourselves and we’re still here to help you move forward with confidence.

The forestry investment lifecycle can be complicated with many challenging and difficult decisions throughout the life of your asset. What to plant, what regime to grow, when to harvest, how to make the most money you can. It’s not as easy as it looks.

Through it all Ribbonwood NZ has provided that assurance to get its clients sorted time after time.
With long-term commercial forest and farm ownership ourselves we understand what it means to face adversity, remain sustainable and optimise returns.

Practical advice and outcomes that have stood the test of time and repeatedly fostered success.

A little mistake that cost a client $60,000

If you’ve got trees to harvest and you are unsure of what you can get out of them check with us last to be sure. Especially if you’ve been approached in person to get started.

One small Forest owner we met recently told a typical story we have encountered too many times.
Approached to harvest their trees with limited knowledge of their value or the practical considerations they were told it would only cost them close to $7000 to have them removed.

They sought a second opinion from another outfit who had also previously approached them and were advised that the tree value would at least cover the cost of harvesting. They could have them removed at no cost. This seemed like a much better result given they wanted the trees gone and the resources were immediately available.

When we met after their harvesting was completed while working on a neighbouring property unfortunately it became evident after discussion their small stand of trees would have returned them closer to $60,000 nett if the true value had been identified and passed on.

It pays to get good advice if you can, so shop around then come to us last.

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Let's achieve something extraordinary.