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Group finance & insurance benefits

benefits too good to ignore.

Ribbonwood NZ Forest Harvesting Consulting and Management

For group finance & insurance benefits.


If it matters to you, it’s everything to us.

Through historical buying power established within our own commercial stumpage, Ribbonwood NZ offers clients simply the best range of financial and associated Forest benefits.

Full lump sum payments for your entire forest upfront should you wish to sell it lock stock and barrel.

Vital engineering work paid for in advance until your harvesting revenue starts rolling in and your advance can be depleted in a managed sale situation.

Full payment protection on all log sales through our performance bond credit line. You’ll still get paid even if we don’t.

Protection and indemnity insurance for forest losses related to fire or wind damage.

Cover for costs of firefighting or claims of loss from fire spreading to a neighbour’s property.

Replanting security after fire or wind event destroys your forest.

Ribbonwood NZ's range of financial products are designed to assist small-medium sized forest owners get the same economies of scale as large forest owners. We are regularly independently audited and provide our customers with a steady flow of related information and reporting to help put you at ease with the potential risks associated with harvesting or selling your forest.

Group finance and insurance benefits too good to ignore!

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